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173rd Airborne Brigade (SEP)  June 1966 to June 1967 RVN


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Cover life magazine combat jump by 2nd battalion


Viet Nam June 1966 - 1967



Roger enjoying lunch after humping thru a B52 strike area.

 Notice the trees in the background.  What happened to the foliage.

GERONIMO BATTALION WEBSITE.  Bob Carpenter sent many photos to Peter Klausner, the webmaster.  Peter says these are the history of our battalion.   http://www.geronimobattalion.com/

    B Company 1st Battalion - 501st Infantry Airborne

 101st Airborne Division

Roger, with the parachute riggers company in Sept. of 1965

Roger, with B Company 1st Battalion 501st  Infantry Airborne, spring 1965.

 A good day for a very long plane ride and a nice jump!

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