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Bravo Company 4th Battalion 503rd Infantry Airborne

173rd Airborne Brigade (SEP)


Christmas card


Picture inside of card



Dec. 1966

Bien Hoa

Base Camp

William (Bill) Donsbach  Wpns Platoon Leader   September 1966

Seated-Willie Higdon, Ollie Johnson, 

Standing L to R Sgt. Jimmie. L. Hicks, Jerry Scarborough, Roger Braycewski,

Ssgt Wladayslaw Zubucki,  PSG Perez, Russell Dye

Sept. 1966

Roger and Craig Nettles

Plt. Sgt.Jimmie L Hicks

Weapons Plt.

Unknown Place

I think it's

Lowman Abraham

in center of picture


Roger leaning on Dennis Elwell's jeep

Base camp Bien Hoa



Robert Spence



Eduardo Oxford

SSgt Wladayslaw Zubucki

Richard Wronosky Eduardo Oxford

Richard Wronosky Eduardo Oxford

Sea of Jungle

Where is that LZ?

Gun ships are pulling up  lets go in!

going in lock and load


Back side of

Willie Higdon

Oxford on the hunt

Roger in position

Lift off to adventure

What a view!

Now this is a vacation!

Anyone for hunting?

Where's your Card?

USS John Pope

Wayne Schlund

Wayne Pinder

Jersey Boy

Having a shower

Sgt Joe Oliverio

Bien Hoa


Stephen Becsei Jr.

aboard USS John Pope

Missing is Mike Talerico

(he may be at the rail

heaving with Ralph)

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