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1st Platoon B Co. 4th Battalion 503rd Airborne Infantry


Words and pictures, Complements of Mike Meyers: 

I don't have a picture of the Gen. but sending Martha and ruck to you. Actually I don't even remember the Gen, being there. As you can tell from my dirty face I had just come in from ambush patrol and was very tired. We had stopped at the mess tent for coffee when the Chopper came in with Martha, She sat on my lap on the sandbag wall and made a joke about my smell. I believe she called it "Eau De Jungle" or something similar.  I believe this was the patrol a few days after Stan Raider was wounded. I think almost everyone got a purple heart but me, I never got a scratch although I was less than 6 ft. from Stan. I also attached a photo that I used on my old web site Norm Bergsma gave me permission to use it.

Mike Meyers is the tall guy standing between the two Sgt's


 NOTE:  Martha Ray and General Westmorland's visited our (B Co.) hilltop while 4th Battalion was serving 58 days of support duty in Da Nang.  Another little know fact; The Navel Academy's class of 1963 Hesiman Trophy winner Roger Staubach was also in Da Nang at the same time.  The 4th Battalion was awarded the Navel, "Presidential Unit Citation" for their efforts. 

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